Expansion and reconstruction of WWTP Galanta

Expansion and reconstruction of WWTP Galanta

Expansion and reconstruction of WWTP Galanta

Date of completion: 2010

The original technology had not been able to eliminate organic contamination and high concentration of nutrients. The reconstructed and extended WWTP was designed as a mechanical and biological WWTP with anaerobic stabilization of biological sludge and with use of the biogas for the needs of the plant.

Biological treatment includes an anaerobic stage for enhanced biological elimination of phosphorus and a pair of rotation tanks operated as a time segregated nitrification and denitrification. The efficiency of denitrification is supported by dosing an external substrate - methanol. Ferric sulfate is dosed for chemical phosphorus precipitation

Sludge treatment is made of sludge mesophilic anaerobic stabilization and subsequently, mechanical dewatering.

Gas treatment utilizes produced biogas in boilers and in cogeneration units.

The management of biological and chemical processes is supported by the installation of continual measurements

Measuring the concentration of oxygen, ammonia nitrogen, nitrate nitrogen, insoluble substances and phosphates directly in the treated waste water on the outlet of the WWTP or measuring the concentration of insoluble substances directly in the excess sludge.

A two-level control system, Rittmeyer - Riflex, is installed at the Galanta WWTP. A dispatching workplace with visualization and a control panel of the entire WWTP is an integral part of the system.

For the general supplier our company supplied project documentation on all levels, engineering in reference to construction permissions, realization of technological and electro technical parts, elaborating of service and manipulation manuals, the start-up of the WWTP, managing and evaluating of the trial operation period.

WWTP Galanta was reconstructed under the project "Váh and Danube River - outlet and treating of wastewater and supplying of drinking water - Galanta agglomeration". The project, apart from the reconstruction of WWTP Galanta (capacity of 45 000 PE), also includes building and reconstructing sewage networks (cca 110 km, 129 pumping stations, new WWTP Kráľov Brod for 1 200 PE), reconstruction and building of an drinking water supply network in the proximity of Galanta (reconstruction of ground and tower water tanks).
The cost of the technological part of the entire construction was in the amount of 10 400 000 €.