Modernization and expansion of WWTF Piešťany

Modernization and expansion of WWTF Piešťany

Modernization and expansion of WWTF Piešťany

Date of completion: 2008

The objective of the reconstruction was, apart from the modernization of existing objects of the plant, mainly intensification of the biological treatment with an emphasis on a higher biological elimination of nutrients for the expected capacity in the year 2030.

Mechanical treatment consis of thick pre-treatment and a radial sedimentation tank. Biological stage of WWTP Piešťany consists of a nitrification - denitrification set, anaerobic stage and regeneration of sludge. Phosphate precipitation is ensured by dosing ferric sulfate.

Sludge treatment consists of:

  • Spare sludge thickening by centrifuge
  • Two-level mesophilic anaerobic sludge stabilization
  • Dewatering of sludge by centrifuge

Gas treatment:
The produced biogas heats the WWTP buildings.

The management of biological and chemical processes is supported by an installation of continual monitoring of:

  • Oxygen concentration
  • Ammonia and nitrate nitrogen in the activation tank
  • Phosphate in the outlet of the WWTP

Čovspol ensured project documentation on all levels, engineering in reference to construction permissions, realization of technological and electro technical parts, developing of operation and manipulation manuals, start-up of the WWTP, managing and evaluating pilot tests .

WWTP Piešťany (70 500 PE) was reconstructed under the project "Piešťany - sewage reconstruction and reconstruction of WWTP - 1st part - Modernisation and expansion of WWTP".
The cost of the entire construction was in the amount of 5 921 416 €.