Intenzification of WWTP Donovaly

Intenzification of WWTP Donovaly

Intenzification of WWTP Donovaly

Beginning of reconstruction: November 2015

Date of completion: May 2016

Cost of technological part: 160 000 €

WWTP capacity: 2500 EO

WWTP Donovaly is a mechanical-biological wastewater treatment plant with a low-level activation. Biological treatment takes place in six independent tanks, which are put into service as needed. The reactors are divided into individual sections which, by their arrangement and equipment, enable them to carry out the on-going biological treatment functions including nitrification and denitrification. The hydraulic flow of the mixture in the activation space as well as the supply of the required amount of oxygen is provided by the blowers through the hollow tube of the Triton aeration machine. The air is injected into the activation mixture in the form of a fine bubble with a propeller and diffuser.

Each part of the tank contains a settling section, from which the sludge is pumped to the sludge tank as necessary. The treated waste water flows from the upper part of the settling tank into the circular secondary sedimentation tank.