Reconstruction of wwtp divín

Reconstruction of wwtp divín

Reconstruction of wwtp divín

Start of reconstruction: December 2014

Date of completion: Aril 2016

Cost of technological section: 396 000 EUR

WWTP capacity: 2 500 EO

As part of the reconstruction of the WWTP, the following technological modifications were made:

Before the new relief chamber, a gravel trap with a mechanical pulling of the captured mass by a crane was added.

In the mechanical pre-treatment, new technology was installed and the order of objects was adjusted in the direction of the flow as follows: screens, vertical sand trap, pumping station.

The biological treatment has been changed from the SBR system to a fully continuous biological treatment system with pre-denitrification and aerated nitrification - a low loaded activation with complete sludge stabilization. In both tanks, the depth of the tanks were adjusted and the denitrification section was separated from the nitrification. Into the nitrification sections, the settling tanks were built.

In the tertiary stage, the stainless-steel drum filter placed in the tub on the floor of the building was replaced for the filter which is installed in the concrete gutter.

Part of the solution was interconnecting pipelines between objects, installation of electrical network and systems for automatic measurement and regulation.

Due to the inflow of wastewater at the WWTP Divín from the recreation area of the water reservoir Ružiná situated in close proximity to the WWTP, the reconstruction of WWTP Divín has a significant positive impact on the local landscape ecosystem.