Reconstruction of WWTP Nižná

Reconstruction of WWTP Nižná

Reconstruction of WWTP Nižná

Starting date of reconstruction: March 2014

Date of completion: September 2015

Cost of technological part: 1 890 000 €

WWTP capacity: 26 000 PE

WWTP Nižná had been built as a mechanical and biological WWTP for communal waste water treatment. The original WWTP had not met legislative requirements for water treatment and had been technically out of date.

The concept of intensification and modernization of WWTP considered the maximal efficiency of existing objects. The emphasis were placed on the minimization of the range of construction while optimizing the composition of machinery and technological facilities. The requirements for a high level of reliability, durability and the requirement of minimal maintenance was respected while designing the proposition of individual machines and devices. The concept of intensification of WWTP included mainly intensification on the biological treatment as the element having a crucial impact on the quality of treated water.

Operation elements that has been addressed within reconstruction of WWTP:

  • raw waste water pumping station and mechanical pre-treatment
  • biological treatment
  • mechanical sludge thickening
  • sludge treatment
  • substation
  • external wiring
  • operational power distribution
  • automatic monitoring and regulation of technological processes

By reconstructing the WWTP, the contamination limits of effluent stated by Government regulation no. 269/2010, EU Guideline no. 91/271 EEC has been reached.

By the realization of the project, the protection of surface and groundwater in the whole area has been improved.