Complex chemical programs for industrial application

Complex chemical programs for industrial application

COVSPOL a.s. is an exclusive supplier of industrial chemicals HYDREX. We are able to supply and manage complete chemical programs for technological water and waste water with a broad spectrum of Hydrex chemicals.

Chemical programs are designated for:

Treatment of technological water

Protection and cleaning of reverse osmosis membranes

Treatment of boilers and hot water loops

Complex treatment of cooling loops

Waste water treatment

Drinking water

Antiodor systems

In addition to the proposition of an optimal chemical regime ensuring maximal protection of all facilities and required quality of technological water, we are able to ensure analysis, consulting and services that guarantee steady operation and maintain optimal chemical consumption.

With the complex solution of the chemical regime of your processes we also supply technological facilities and systems that manage and regulate water treatment and cooling loops.

The team of developers of Veolia introduced the managing and monitoring system for cooling systems by the name of Hydrex Controller L2 and Hydrex Controller L3 to the international market.

Another significant Hydrex chemical range intended for thickening and dewatering of sludge, alongside pre-treatment of technological waters, are polymer flocculants. We offer a wide range of powdered and emulsion flocculants. Our experts are able to determine the best type of flocculant directly in your establishment using a mobile testing system.

We offer our customers odor elimination solutions which effectively deal with odors caused by water treatment and sludge treatment processes. Our experts will recommend the most suitable technology and chemical program that will manage odor release into the atmosphere and residential areas.