Rapide Strata™

Rapide Strata

The Rapide Strata™ deionisers produce high purity water for a wide range of industrial applications. The unique design offers savings of up to 40% on running and effluent costs compared to conventional ion exchange systems.

Flow-rates from 2.5 to 60 m3/hr ; Contact us for higher flow-rate applications.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Regeneration in 30-80 minutes; minimizes down time, enhances bacterial control, improves chemical usage efficiencies
  • Duplex operation mode for continuous water production and increased production capacity
  • Control system Siemens PLC and Touch Screen HMI; facilitates monitoring and operation (Allen-Bradley available on request)
  • Continuous conductivity monitor with auto service shut-off and alarm; ensures water quality
  • Continual, intermittent or zero recirculation of water when tank reaches high point; operational flexibility
  • Skid-mounted, standardized systems; short lead times, quick installation and start-up


  • Pharmaceutical
  • Beverage
  • High and medium pressure boiler feed
  • Surface finishing
  • General industry

Rapide Strata+ Model

  • Integrated polishing device (Hipol™)
  • Produces water exceeding Ph Eur and USP conductivity requirements

Extended Regeneration Option

  • Removes need for separate post treatment
  • Capable of producing water with <20 ppb of reactive silica; suitable for high and medium pressure boiler-feed
  • Produces water of <0.1 μs/cm; polishing RO water (Strata+ Model)